digging deep, crossing far presents contemporary artistic positions on lesser known narratives from the First World War. These positions add a global perspective to Western history, and begin in a Great War camp at Zossen-Wünsdorf (Germany) where non-European prisoners of war were held. This camp is the exhibition’s sounding board for further discourse and artistic engagement.

The search for answers to the complex history of the Halfmoon Camp first led the project to Bangalore, Kochi (India) and Karachi (Pakistan). digging deep, crossing far then continued in Berlin (Germany), where the Halfmoon Camp was conceived in 1914 as a part of a broader jihad strategy.

The artistic contributions to digging deep, crossing far raise questions about scenes of war beyond the Western Front, about religious and nationalist propaganda, about the History of Science, and about Germany’s relationship with Islam.

With Digging Deep, Crossing Far_ 4th Encounter: Lahore, the exhibition returns to South Asia, more precisely to the Punjab, a former province of British India, which is now divided between Pakistan and India and which was a preferred recruitment area – not only in the First World War.

Download the exhibition booklet of Digging Deep, Crossing Far_ 3rd Encounter: Berlin here

Download the exhibition booklet of Digging Deep, Crossing Far_ 4th Encounter: Lahore here



Elke Falat is an independent curator and lives in Berlin. She studied cultural studies and aesthetic communication at Hildesheim University, where she taught visual arts / curatorial practices from 2006 to 2009. From 2007 to 2009 she was the director of the art institute Kunstverein Hildesheim. Since 2010, she has undertaken numerous independent projects.

Julia Tieke works with “text, sound & around,” and lives in Berlin. Since 2007, she has been the project-director of the Wurfsendung, the ultra-short radio-art-program from Deutschlandradio Kultur. Among her publications are a conversation between her and Faiz, a Syrian activist fleeing to Germany (mikrotext, 2015/16), as well as audio-projects in cooperation with Berit Schuck in Alexandria (2012), Beirut (2013), and Marrakech (2014).



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